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SCR’21 Online Edition Kick-off Event:
SGR-SSR Official Training and Continuing Education Course
Saturday, June 26, 2021


Moderator: A. Falkowski (TBC)



Hypointense tumor in the fore foot – is this always a Morton neuroma?

Speaker: Marco Zanetti

– To learn about mimickers of Morton neuroma in the fore foot
– To know when we need more than a standard MRI for fore foot abnormalities



Again and again… the Spring Ligament Complex…

Speaker: Christoph A. Agten

– To learn the anatomy of the ligaments using a real MRI data set
– To recognise spring ligament injuries and associated injuries of the collateral ligaments



When is a biceps pulley lesion really a biceps pulley lesion?

Speaker: Ulrich Grosse

– To learn the normal anatomy and variants using a real MRI data set
– To learn what is normal and what is abnormal


Moderator: C. Stippich (TBC)



Not again – A post-operative brain: What is it all about?

Speaker: Maria Isabel Vargas

– To learn when to do post-operative MRI
– To understand „what is all that stuff on the image?“



I am not sure – Is it tumor recurrence or just radionecrosis?

Speaker: Isabelle Barnaure

– To learn how to detect recurrence
– To understand if MR is enough



Dementia protocols – A booklet to make it easy!

Speaker: Roland Wiest

– To understand the differences between a normal old brain and beginning dementia
– To learn about the right imaging protocol


Moderator: J. Geiger



Lumps and bumps in the head and neck region – part I: Children

Speaker: Rainer Wolf

– To get an idea of the most common causes for neck swellings in children, their imaging features and differential diagnoses
– To learn in which pathologies to perform CT/MRI in addition to sonography



Lumps and bumps in the head and neck region – part II: Adults

Speaker: Dechen Tshering Vogel

– To get an idea of the various causes of neck swellings in adults, with their imaging features and differential diagnoses
– To learn the key points for staging head and neck cancers

Bowel imaging

Moderator: A. Platon



Intestinal anastomosis: A leak or not a leak? That is the question! 

Speaker: Damian Tolan

– To recognise the range of expected features that are present in the post-operative abdomen and understand which signs can be used to detect an anastomotic leak
– To understand the value of positive luminal contrast in the detection of anastomotic leaks



MR-Defecography: From basics to expert level in 20 minutes 

Speaker: Cäcilia Reiner

– To discuss the imaging technique and its difficulties
– To recognise normal and common pathological findings



Dementia protocols – A booklet to make it easy!

Speaker: Elmar Merkle

– To discuss the different types of internal hernias as seen on multidetector CT in close relationship with the anatomical background
– To explain typical CT features of internal abdominal hernias and to learn when immediate surgery is indicated

SCR’21 Online Edition – Webinar series

Radiological-pathological correlation – Cystic pancreatic tumors: Correlation between imaging features and histology

Moderator: PD Dr. Sabine Schmidt

Intestinal anastomosis: A leak or not a leak? That is the question! 

Speakers: Marie Pierre Vullierme (TBC) & Jérôme Cros

– To become familiar with the most frequent cystic tumors of the pancreas
– To compare histopathological features with imaging findings

Radiological-pathological correlation – «All about the fat» / Lipomatous soft tissue masses

Moderator: Dr. Fabio Becce


Speakers: PD Dr. med Michael Rasper/Münsterlingen/CH and Prof. Dr. med Beata Bode-Lesniewska, Zürich/CH

Content of the session: TBA

Time is brain: Where lies the time-saving potential?

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Karl-Olof Lövblad (TBC) and PD Dr. med. Sebastian Winklhofer (TBC)



Interdisciplinary management (Neuro, NRad, Anae) of acute stroke due to large vessel occlusion

Speaker: Paolo Machi (TBC)

– To learn who participates in the management of acute stroke and who the leading partner is
– To learn processes to improve interdisciplinary management of stroke



One-stop-management in acute stroke: From feasibility to broad implementation

Speaker: Isabel Wanke (TBC)

– One-stop-management: To learn what do we need and how do we do it
– To learn important milestones in the implementation of a one-stop management



Is reduction of groin to reperfusion times possible?

Speaker: Marios Psychogios (TBC)

– To learn which technique has the fastest groin-to-reperfusion time
– To learn which materials can be prepared prior to a thrombectomy and how much personnel is needed for a fast thrombectomy

Following webinars to be announced!