Welcome to the SCR’21 online congress

Dear Colleagues,

Given the current situation, we had to take the difficult decision not to hold the SCR’21 as an on-site “face-to-face” congress. Instead, we will transform the congress into a series of online sessions.

This decision was made jointly by the SGR-SSR Executive Board and the SCR Scientific Committee, which also includes representatives from SVMTR-ASTRM, SGNM-SSMN, and all associated societies (SGPR-SSRP, SSER, SSVIR, SSSR and SSRMP).

We will share additional information within the next weeks, but we are pleased to already inform you about the following:

  • The SGR-SSR Official Training and Continuing Education Course will be held on the same date as planned (Saturday, June 26, 2021) as a one-day online event. It will be accredited with 8 CME points and will be the kick-off event of our virtual congress.
  • Starting in July, one-hour online sessions on various radiological topics will take place approximately twice a month until the end of 2021 (each accredited with CME points).
  • Abstracts selected for oral presentations will be presented during “Scientific Clubs“. A digital poster exhibition will be available to browse through the abstracts selected for posters presentation.
  • The SGR-SSR Annual General Assembly will be held as a two-hour online event on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Doctors in residency training who require congress and/or continuing education course attendance will have the following options:

  • The Saturday course (June 26, 2021) online attendance is equivalent to the traditional SGR-SSR Official Training and Continuing Education Course attendance.
  • Online sessions attendance will be converted at the end of the year into a certificate, equivalent to the congress attendance.

Registration for all above-mentioned online sessions will be free of charge for all SGR-SSR, SVMTR-ASTRM, SGNM-SSMN, SGPR-SSRP, SSER, SSVIR, SSSR and SSRMP members!

Our speakers, abstract submitters, industry partners and every other person directly involved will receive specific detailed information in the upcoming weeks.

We are convinced that with this concept, we can offer a good alternative to the classical congress and hope for an improvement of the situation in 2022, when we will surely be meeting you as planned for the SCR’22 from June 23-25, 2022 in Fribourg!

We thank you all for your patience. We hope that you will understand and support his decision.
With our best regards,

Prof. Dr. Hatem Alkadhi

Congress President SGR-SSR

Prof. Dr. Gustav Andreisek

Scientific Committee President

What does SCR stand for?
The Swiss Congress of Radiology – short SCR – is the largest radiological scientific and educational meeting of Switzerland with an average attendance of over 1,200 professional and industry delegates. It is held every year in a different city in Switzerland.
Who organizes the SCR?

The annual Swiss Congress of Radiology is organized by the Scientific Committee of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR), in joint collaboration with the Swiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (SGNM-SSMN) and the Swiss Association of Radiographers (SVMTR-ASTRM). Moreover, the following associated sub-societies of the SGR-SSR contribute to the congress organization: the Swiss Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (SSVIR), the Swiss Society of Emergency Radiology (SSER), the Swiss Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (SSSR) and the Swiss Society of Paediatric Imaging (SGPR-SSRP). In addition, the Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics (SSRMP), the Swiss Society of Radiopharmacy/Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (SGRRC-SSRCR) as well as the Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (SGUM-SSUM) contribute to the scientific programme.

How does the congress programme look like?
The programme of the SCR consists of refresher courses, plenary sessions with lectures by national and international speakers as well as scientific sessions with oral abstracts. Moreover, the latest updates in radiology are presented in the poster exhibition. The SCR offers a different programme for radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and radiographers. On top of that, many different companies present their latest medical and technical products in the exhibition area. So the SCR is not only a place to listen and learn but also a platform for personal exchange between friends, colleagues and companies.
Which audience does the SCR address?
The SCR is interesting for radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and radiographers working in public and private hospitals as well as in private practices. The Congress also turns to residents, medical students as well as students for radiography/nuclear medicine. As the official congress language is English, the congress is not only interesting for national participants but also for an international audience.
In which language are the lectures?
The official congress language is English.Therefore, all lectures and workshops are held in English (not ranslation provided).

Some abstracts might be orally presented in German, French or English during the scientific sessions, although the visual presentations are all in English.

Committee & Jury members

Regular Members
Prof. Dr. K.O. Loevblad, Geneva
Dr. C. Reiner, Zurich
Dr. S. Schmidt, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. H. von Tengg-Kobligk, Bern
Prof. Dr. H. Thoeny, Fribourg
Prof. Dr. C. Zech, Basel

Ex-Officio Members
Prof. Dr. H. Alkadhi, Zurich (SGR-SSR Congress President)
Dr. J. Geiger, Zurich (SGPR-SSRP)
Prof. Dr. S.D. Qanadli, Lausanne (SSVIR)
Dr. F. Becce, Lausanne (SSSR)
Dr. A. Platon, Geneva (SSER)
Dr. F. Kramer, Aarau (SGR-SSR Resident representative)
Dr. S. Nyilas, Bern (SGR-SSR Resident representative)
I. Gremion, Epalinges (SVMTR-ASTRM)
Dr. C. Antonescu, Fribourg (SGNM-SSMN)
PD Dr. M. Wissmeyer, Zurich (SGNM-SSMN)
Prof. Dr. A. Rominger, Bern (SGNM-SSMN)

Dr. G. Adler, Geneva
Dr. F. Becce, Lausanne
Dr. M. Behe, Villigen
Dr. J. Brendle, Scherzingen
PD Dr. C. Brendle, Tübingen
Prof. A. Christe, Bern
Dr. S. Dellas, Basel
PD Dr. T. Dietrich, St. Gallen
Dr. T. Dobrocky, Bern
Dr. O. Donati, Zurich
Dr. C. Dromain, Lausanne
Dr. V. Dunet, Lausanne
Dr. M. Fani, Basel
Dr. J. Geiger, Zurich
Dr. A. Hirschmann, Basel
PD Dr. N. Kawel-Böhm, Chur
PD Dr. K. Kinkel, Chêne-Bougeries
Prof. R. Kubik, Baden
PD Dr. F.P. Kuhn, Zurich
Dr. C. Kurtz, Luzern
Dr. P. Manser, Bern
Dr. M. Marcon, Zurich
PD Dr. M. Maurer, Bern
Dr. R. Menz, Basel
Prof. J.Y. Meuwly, Lausanne
Dr. E. Monnard, Fribourg
Dr. L. Mu, Zurich
PD Dr. D. Nanz, Zurich
PD Dr. T. Niemann, Baden
Dr. P. Omoumi, Lausanne
Prof. T. Pfammatter, Zurich
Prof. S.D. Qanadli, Lausanne
PD Dr. C. Reiner, Zurich
Prof. S. Schindera, Riehen
PD Dr. S. Schmidt, Lausanne
Dr. G. Sommer, Basel
Dr. M. Straub, Lausanne
PD Dr. R. Sutter, Zurich
Prof. H. Thöny, Fribourg
Dr. S. Toso, Geneva
Prof. F. Verdun, Lausanne
Dr. S. Wälti, St. Gallen
Dr. L. Wissmann, Münsterlingen
Prof. R. Wyttenbach, Bellinzona
Prof. C. Zech, Basel

G. Andreisek, Münsterlingen/CH
N. Berger, Zurich/CH
D. Botsikas, Geneva/CH
A. Christe, Bern/CH
T. Dietrich, St. Gallen/CH
M. Eberhard, Zurich/CH
L. Ebner, Bern/CH
T. Finkenstädt, Zurich/CH
N. Kawel-Böhm, Chur/CH
K. Martini, Zurich/CH
M. Rasper, Münsterlingen/CH
D. Rotzinger, Lausanne/CH
A. Sauter, Basel/CH
P. Sporns, Basel/CH
K. W. Stock, Münsterlingen/CH
E. Tenisch, Lausanne/CH
N. Vietti Voli, Lausanne/CH
N. Villard, Lausanne/CH
L. Widmer, Fribourg/CH
D. Jean Winkel, Basel/CH
R. Wyttenbach, Bellinzon/CH

Future Congress

We are glad to announce that the SCR’22 will take place in Fribourg, from June 23 to June 25, 2022.

Congress Services Team

Wolfgang Duchek

Monique Avril

Agathe Milliken

Claudio Brun

Participating Societies

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Radiologie

Société Suisse de Radiologie

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Nuklearmedizin

Société Suisse de Médecine Nucléaire

Schweizerische Vereinigung der Fachleute für medizinisch-technische Radiologie

Association Suisse des Techniciens en Radiologie Médicale

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Radiologie

Société Suisse de Radiologie Pédiatrique

Swiss Society of Emergency Radiology
Swiss Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Radiopharmazie/ Radiopharmazeutische Chemie

Société Suisse de Radiopharmacie/Chimie

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für kardiovaskuläre und interventionelle Radiologie

Société Suisse de radiologie cardiovasculaire
et interventionnelle

The Swiss Congress of Radiology is delighted to announce its collaboration with the following societies:

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Strahlenbiologie und Medizinische Physik
Société Suisse de Radiobiologie et de Physique Médicale
Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics
The Korean Society of Radiology